Harrington Value Institute
Community Partnership Fund

The Harrington Value Institute Community Partnership Fund was established in 2015 to foster partnerships between Christina Care, Christiana Care’s Value Institute, and the community. The purpose of the Fund is to support research and program development in the areas of population health to address community needs, such as providing care for the disadvantaged or underserved and reducing disparities in health. The Fund will support projects addressing the social determinants of health and clinical outcomes. The average project costs are expected to be $100,000 for one year and can be considered for renewal for up to two years based on progress, merit and available funds. Applications are encouraged from Christiana Care employees or community-based organizations that partner with Christiana Care employees or physicians.

Applications are being accepted starting October 10, 2017. Please contact Susan Howard-Smola directly for program overview, fillable Letter of Intent and sample documents.

Key Dates

Letter of Intent
Submission Deadline
December 1, 2017
5 p.m. EST
Notice of Full Proposal January 2, 2018
Application Deadline March 15, 2018
5 p.m. EST
Award Announcement May 15, 2018
Project Start Date July 1, 2018

Christiana Care Health System created the Value Institute in 2011 to enhance and support institutional based research in a community academic health center. The VI mission is to develop, deliver, and evaluate innovative solutions impacting population health, patient experience, system performance, and policy development to promote hospital strategic goals and the Triple Aim. The VI produces research and implements findings in a real world setting adding value to Christiana Care Health System services.

Susan Howard-Smola
E-mail: susan.howard-smola@christianacare.org
Phone: 302-733-5151
Value Institute Website: christianacare.org/valueinstitute

To apply for the Harrington Value Institute Community Partnership Fund, please share your contact information